Blackberry, calendars, and servers that support sharing/syncing

Tyler Aviss tjaviss-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at
Wed Sep 16 18:27:14 UTC 2009

Where I'm working we currently have a BES server which is tied to a
Netware box for our blackberry calendaring etc.
I'm not sure if anyone else is familiar with SUSE-Netware, but the
thing is pretty much a nightmare. In general, it appears to be
windows/novell intended software that was poorly ported to Linux,
which tends to require the GUI (consoleone) to admin and doesn't make
proper use of the Linux facilities for logging, management, or other

Least to say, I'd love to get rid of that box. Email should be easy
enough to port off, but the calendar syncing - especially in regards
to blackberries - seems to be a bigger issue. From what I've been
told, the only real solutions for shared calendars with blackberries
is either groupwise or exchange.

Does *anyone* have any experience with alternatives? At this point I'd
almost rather go with Exchange than Netware due to it having more

A quick look in google mentions this product:

I don't know how well it works, but I was wondering if anyone has seen
it in action (or tried it), or can suggest other alternatives to



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