Ubuntu frugal installation

Antonio T. Sun antoniosun-N9AOi2cAC9ZBDgjK7y7TUQ at public.gmane.org
Sun Sep 13 16:09:12 UTC 2009

On Sun, 13 Sep 2009 00:13:29 -0400, Matt Price wrote:

>> How can I do a frugal installation of Ubuntu? (ie, install as-is
>> without expanding)
> i'm not really quite sure what you're asking. . . 

Thanks Matt, here is what's a frugal install:

A Frugal install is where you boot off the hard drive/USB, usually via 
grub or lilo, and load the compressed image (/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX) off of the 
hard drive or a usb stick.

It essentially consists of loading the linux kernel using a boot loader 
which in turns loads the initial ramdisk (initrd). The initrd then loads 
the root file system which, in this case, consists of a linux compressed 
loop (cloop) file -- /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX. 

I.e., the root file compressed image is installed as-is without expanding.

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