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teddy mills wrote:
> Not easy to work today.
> Even though I did not know her well, you can tell just from her weblogs, 
> and things she writes about, she was a very special individual.

Being melancholic here at the office, no real work is getting done. So I 
started checking out Leah's recent posts and came across her last two 
blog posts. Looks like she was really thinking about turning 30. Anyway, 
in her style, there were fitting and funny posts. I hope no one objects, 
but I'd like to repost them here for the archives.

15 Days until 30
September 8th, 2009

    1. Friends don’t let friends drink and Craigslist.
    2. “Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a 
little demon.” –Emily Dickinson
    3. Experience leads to either bitterness or strength. You decide which.
    4. Not every day can be new years eve.
    5. Talk to yourself. You wouldn’t want to get lonely, would you?
    6. Keep going. Just fucking keep going.
    7. Really accomplished people should be shot.
    8. Letters and cards can save lives.
    9. Always keep some kind of spicy sausage on hand.
   10. Make you’re own damned fun!
   11. Learn a bunch of stupid jokes. Tell them incessantly.
   12. Environment is more important than most people will ever know.
   13. Be not afraid.
   14. Always remove the packing material from your new stove before 
cooking in it.
   15. If life give you lemons, you probably should stop buying Fiats.

20 days until 30
September 3rd, 2009

Life has been very interesting lately.

Since I’m nearing 30 any day now, for posterity, I would like to make 
note of some things that I have learned so far. These are in random 
order, as they pop into my head, and are exceedingly dumb.

    1. If you joke about doing something for too long in IRC, 
eventually, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, it will become reality.
    2. Even if you have nothing left to lose, you still have something 
to give
    3. It is better to laugh wryly at yourself, than to wallow in self-pity.
    4. If you truly live a life of no regrets, eventually you’ll lose 
your soul.
    5. Listen to your fortune cookie: All thing has a cause, look into 
your pass for answers.
    6. Life is what happens when you’re doing something out of the ordinary.
    7. Art is always better when it is for someone else.
    8. Prayer never stops being important.
    9. To err is human, to moo is bovine.
   10. It is always darkest before it goes pitch black.
   11. If work is annoying, burn down the office.
   12. Music is vital.
   13. A few close friends and family are worth more than any other 
   14. Being devious is more satisfying than being smart.
   15. All you need is love.
   16. That last one isn’t entirely true.
   17. Traveling is not optional.
   18. If you’re going to be crazy, you may as well revel in it.
   19. Help other people, no one else will.
   20. Fish are actually plants.
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