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John Sellens jsellens-Iv5KO+h6AVB+Y12zHexnB0EOCMrvLtNR at
Wed Sep 9 20:06:35 UTC 2009

|    2. The webmaster of the site has asked to create a CNAME for this domain:
|       (yes, that's .ws  -- Western Samoa)
|    3. The local admins are saying they can't do this without locally
|       defining an entry for and that they can't make an
|       entry for an "oddball" TLD such as .ws

The local admins are mistaken.

The bind data file would need an entry like IN CNAME
The local nameservers would not need to know anything specific about
any .ws domain.

For example, under my domain, I have CNAMEs that point to
records, so I can get home from elsewhere when I want, but I don't
need any records in my DNS servers.

Hope that helps - cheers!


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