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Wed Sep 9 13:19:12 UTC 2009

On Tue, Sep 08, 2009 at 10:27:53PM +0000, Antonio T. Sun wrote:
> I'm trying to make my USB microphone works in my Debian Testing. 
> In brief, I'm experiencing exactly the same symptom as the following 
> post: 
> Can't record from USB Mic using ALSA
> I.e., everything looks perfect, just record from USB Mic get dead 
> silence. 
> I've consulted the following URLs, but the problem still remains. Is 
> anyone here lucky enough to get your USB Mic working? 
> BTW, according to
> desktop-microphone-under-linux/
> Daniel was able to make the AK5370 USB Microphone works under Linux, 
> which is exactly the same USB Mic that I have.
> Anyone can help?

I have a USB headset, and to get recording I remember I had to specify
some IECxxx format and pick just the right speed (I think it was 48000hz
16bit).  Pick anything else and it did nothing.  It has been a few months
so I don't remember the setting for sure.

I think ekiga just worked with the headset, but many other programs
needed to have the right options selected.

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