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On Sat, 05 Sep 2009 15:15 -0400, "Randy Jonasz"
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  I've run into a situation with kubuntu 9.04.  The other night,
  the hydro flickered on and off.  When the computer rebooted,
  the usb mouse was not recognized.  I've tried the mouse on
  another computer and it works fine.  When I use dmesg after
  inserting the usb mouse, nothing is registered.  I've put a
  ps2 adapter on it and it is working fine.  There are no error
  messages that I can see when linux boots.  Is my fear of a
  hardware unwarranted?

It's hard to tell without being there, but that doesn't sound too good.

In the hope that just your BIOS settings got messed up rather than the actual USB circuitry, here's something I'd try. Look in your BIOS, and see if there's an option such as "Enable/Disable USB" (there really, really should be one). Disable USB, save the new "disabled" setting to CMOS, then re-enable USB and re-save the "enabled" setting to CMOS again. This might reset things. If that doesn't work (or if you'd prefer starting from an entirely clean slate), look for an option such as "Load Default BIOS Settings", do that, and save the new settings to CMOS and see if things come back to normal again when you reboot. This may be hoping against hope, but it's worth a try.

If the USB circuitry on your computer really is gone, you might be able to avoid replacing your motherboard by simply getting a PCI card that provides new USB ports. If the USB ports on your computer were all on the back anyway, you wouldn't really be losing anything in convenience. Though I haven't checked, I can't imagine such a card would cost very much these days.

I'd also recommend a new surge suppressor if you don't have one already, since most types of surge suppressors lose effectiveness over time with each surge and spike they experience. I'd go for one of the Series Mode (SM) types, since they work differently and aren't subject to this problem. They may be expensive, but so are new motherboards and aggravation.

Good luck!

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