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Tue Sep 1 00:57:30 UTC 2009

Robert Brockway wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Aug 2009, Madison Kelly wrote:
>> To do that though, I'd first need an idea of what each claims is 
>> their strength and investigate what each claims is the other's 
>> weakness. I'd need to come up with some code to actually test these 
>> assertions and make the code available for others to reproduce. I'd 
>> need to find a set of ways to fail each system and gauge their 
>> ability to recover.
> That sounds like a really good way to approach the problem.
Two philosophers are going for a walk, when the hear people shouting at 
each other across the street from their upstairs windows. One turns to 
the other and says - "These people will NEVER come to an agreement. 
They're arguing from different premises" :)

A less emotive issue is to evaluate for "suitability" for a given task. 
Something like the following projects
- http://osdb.sourceforge.net/ (seems not to be active)
- http://polepos.sourceforge.net/ (seems to be more active)

The test cases that interest me personally are trivial - and as such I 
think both Postges and MySql are sufficiently sufficient.
1) Running a single (maybe dual) user phpBB
2) Using a simple set of tables for recording data and loading it into 
application memory for processing. (think historical market data, texts 
for writing style analysis)
3) etc... ?  

Other people may have slightly higher requirements of their databases 
I'm sure. :)

Tests should benchmark databases from open source projects only so
- everyone can know the database requirements,
- someone else has to deal with database compatibility
- if a given database performs poorly on a given engine due to 
suboptimal use, then the champions of "ugly suboptimal baby" can improve 
the application if they care enough

Ideally this could be a live CD that could be used to automatically 
perform comparable tests on a wide variety of hardware.

Results - low hanging fruit...
- Measures of performance.
- Measures of reliability
- ANSI compliance
- etc?

Subjective fruits...
- ease of use / documentation
- quality
- future quality
- etc...?


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