Linux and the New York Stock Exchange

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I think they should keep things simple.
Is JBOSS mission critical?
I used to work for traders, so I like Linux and the Market.

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 11:02:07AM -0500,  wrote:
>> On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 02:15:36AM -0500, Daniel Armstrong wrote:
>>> Interesting factoid:
>>> "NYSE's systems run under high pressure and tight constraints. They
>>> process some three billion transactions per day - more than Google
>>> does - and those transactions need to execute in less than one
>>> millisecond. Customers can switch to competing exchanges instantly and
>>> for almost no cost, so if NYSE's systems are not performing, its
>>> customers will vanish. A typical trading day involves the processing
>>> of 1.5TB of data; some 8 petabytes of data are kept online. And this
>>> whole operation runs on Linux... Downtime is to be limited to 90
>>> seconds per year."
>>> I would concede this is a bit more hard-core than my Asus netbook
>>> running Debian Squeeze... :-)
>>> Source:
>> And of course London is going to use a linux based system, as is a number
>> of other places (with the same software).  They were using (or were
>> planning to use) some microsoft software which was apparently not flexible
>> enough, took to long to get changes made to, too expensive, and too slow.
>> The linux based system is about 10 times faster at doing trades.
> I see London's system crashed again last week (they are still using the
> microsoft system).  Hopefully they can switch to the new one soon.
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