Linux-compatable printer that won't gouge me on ink?

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Sun Nov 29 17:24:00 UTC 2009

On Sat, 28 Nov 2009 13:36:33 -0500, "Walter Dnes"
<waltdnes-SLHPyeZ9y/tg9hUCZPvPmw at> said:
>   The subject says it all.  I need something that will print black and
> white, including graphics, without costing an arm and a leg for ink.  It
> will have to be USB-connected, because serial and parallel ports are no
> more.

Since you didn't say how much printing you will be doing, I'll assume
you mean for low-volume use.  Business inkjets are cheaper to run at
higher usage levels but are costlier, bigger, and you'd be paying for
features you don't need.

The 2008 HP c4400 series (USB) and c4500 series (USB and wireless) are
decent quality All-in-One printers that can take large size cartridges
(74XL black, about 700 page yield and 75XL colour, about 400 page
yield).  The wireless setup isn't yet supported under Linux (but coming
reportedly) - you need Windows or a Mac to initially get it on the
network.  The 2009 c4600 and c4700 All-in-Ones also take larger
cartridges but with somewhat lower yields.

The wireless setup of other network capable HP's can be configured from
the printer's front panel but you'll pay more for these.  The printers
with Ethernet connectors of course don't need network setup - they just
use DHCP.
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