Nobel Peace Prize to Linus Torvalds: A Northwest Nobel option?

William Muriithi william.muriithi-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at
Tue Nov 24 18:16:29 UTC 2009

>> Not to diminish Torvalds's work but what about Richard Stallman as a
>> candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize, he did after all create the GPL and
>> Free Software Foundation and has worked on the tools that form a GNU/Linux
>> system. The notion of a totally free operating system was his idea and
>> that has what has "changed the world".
Very good point
> Hmm, RMS and peace price.  Not sure those go together.  He has created
> a lot of hostility too.
> A lot of people don't like where the FSF is trying to go (GFDL, GPLv3
> for example).
Its very hard to be very influential without making enemies. In fact,
I think its impossible.
> Linus makes a lot more sense to me.
The problem with Linus is we may not even have know him if Stallman
had not created the environment that supported him. You may say BSD
would have cut it, but I really doubt that. If Linux was BSD licensed,
it would not have grown as fast as it did. And, it would not even have
the competitive advantage over the current BSD licensed OS any way.

Another thing going for Stallman, is not only did his work create an
OS, he also proved that copy left was viable. That has resulted to
other cool things like wikipedia, open street you name it. I frankly
believe that mindset would not have been been well entrenched without

This is one man the world should be grateful about!
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