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Thu Nov 12 05:34:16 UTC 2009

Christopher Browne wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 10:26 PM, Rajinder Yadav < at> wrote:
>> Christopher Browne wrote:
>>> Google's language...
>>> Note that two of the creators are Ken Thompson and Rob Pike...
>>> It seems to have some "Plan 9" flavouring to it.
>> DANG! I just finished learning Ruby.. this one will be interesting to watch,
>> the compile time they show seems to indicate it's fast?
>> Now if it's a script like language & runs like a native compiled language,
>> this may change the future of how website are coded? "GO" web scripting???
> No, that misunderstands the point of "Go."
> Go is NOT a "scripting language" - it is intended to be a *systems 

what was I thinking? I read

"It feels like a dynamic language but has the speed and safety of a static 
language. It's a joy to use."

For some reason dynamic language translated into scripting language, I was 
thinking meta-dynamic programming like in Ruby and Python and I put "Go" in the 
same camp of both script (like) and compiled lang.

> Keep in mind: The people that designed this are the same people that
> originally designed Unix.  I trust their sense of "taste" quite a bit.

The following

s := sum(&[3]int{1,2,3});

looks like fun code, good times for sure =), unfortunately I don't see any UNIX 
beauty ;) .... My poor head hurts looking at this line!

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Rajinder Yadav

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