Google's got a new language... Go...

Rajinder Yadav at
Thu Nov 12 03:26:00 UTC 2009

Christopher Browne wrote:
> Google's language...
> Note that two of the creators are Ken Thompson and Rob Pike...
> It seems to have some "Plan 9" flavouring to it.
DANG! I just finished learning Ruby.. this one will be interesting to watch, the 
compile time they show seems to indicate it's fast?

Now if it's a script like language & runs like a native compiled language, this 
may change the future of how website are coded? "GO" web scripting???

However being a C++ developer I can say IMHO it's got the ugliness of C/C++ / 
Perl bastardized like syntax ever!

I mean WFT? (code except from tutorial)

28        if !*omitNewline {
29            s += Newline
30        }

It's not Ruby, concise, easy, beautiful, powerful & fun! Let's not forget 
Object-Oriented. I hate to say this, but I am hoping "what happens in google, 
stays in google", hope they eat their own dog food, this is not fit for 
consumption. Makes me want to gag, when they claim it's a fun language?

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Rajinder Yadav

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