Any GoogleWave'res?

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Tue Nov 10 02:56:51 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 8:33 PM, Rajinder Yadav < at> wrote:
> I just got invited to GoogleWave, but I don't think I have a way to send out
> invites. If I get any I will let the list know.
> If anyone is on GoogleWave already, you can add me at my email addy.

Done, and I've added you to a wave where there has been some
discussion as to the usefulness of Wave.

A significant problem at this point is that Wave is, as a service, on
the "lean end" of the so-called Network Effect.  The network is not
valuable, at this point, because there are insufficient quantities of

Another problem that merits mention here is that, unlike with email,
there is at this point only one way of participating in Wave, which is
to connect to Google's servers, which makes it effectively proprietary
(even if they're using some RFC-ish protocol).

If and when I can run
  apt-get install wave-federation
and some can run
  yum install wave-federation
and others
  port-install wave-federation
then that changes things substantially.

And that actually isn't quite the whole tale...  I'd also like to be
able to do things like...

PKGS="wave-federation-server wave-federation-pgsql"
   apt-get install $PKGS

PKGS="erlang-wave-server mnesia-federation-store"
   apt-get install $PKGS

(Which imply some diversity in implementations of both service and
data storage!)

There's an interesting guide from the Lifehacker folks:
<>  The first "chapter" has a pretty good
characterization of what's weird about Wave.

I love the line "it's like Segway for email."  That implies a
considerable risk of it being mostly just a curiosity...
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