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Thu Jul 30 21:36:14 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 16:00, ted leslie<tleslie-RBVUpeUoHUc at> wrote:
> i have always found this odd,
> i am a "Gamer", more so in the past.
> I always buy the consoles, i.e. have XBOX360, PS3, nintendo-GC,
> (will get wii eventually),
> and i thought when i got the XBOX (used), do i want to buy something from Bill,
> but really, if you buy/play 20 games a year for it, your dropping, a G$ for games on a console,
> (and maybe 2-3G$ in total across a few of them)
> to the game companies, granted MS gets some for Halo, etc,
> but i figured it wasn't a boycott I would do, because it really hurts the game companies
> (and me) if I do not get it (i.e. a xbox).
> Having said that, I keep looking at the "windows" games in the stores, thinking if anything
> good really comes out, i would maybe have to set up a MS box, aside from a business needed
> vmware installed XP. but, and this is only a personal observation,
> if its worth playing (except for some back ally x-rated stuff), its usually on the consoles,
> and sometimes, only on the consoles, and sometimes, only exclusively on one console.
> I just have never understood why people say Windows is needed for the games,
> I have yet to see it needed for even one game yet.
> of course if you are obtaining your software games (to load onto Windows)
> at a very large discount, even a 100% discount :) ya then I guess that makes sence.
> -tl

I don't own any of the consoles, the computer that I built cost me
$5200 -- it's a Ci7 EE build -- and I only buy a few games: RPGs, RTS,
FPS/TPS, MMOs (and also play the F2P MMOs as well), and some games I
get through other means, just like certain esoteric movies from the
past, got to love cinemageddon.  So, yes, I am a Gamer, but not a
console Gamer, although I do plan on buying a console again, I just
don't see the need yet.


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