Screen Blanking in X

William O'Higgins Witteman william.ohiggins-H217xnMUJC0sA/PxXw9srA at
Wed Jul 29 16:59:48 UTC 2009

I am trying to turn off the powersaving features of X, specifically
screen blanking, display powerdown etc.

I do this because I turn off my monitor when I am not in front of it,
but when I turn it back on, I want it to come right back.  Also, when I
am watching something I don't want the screen to blank while I'm in the

I started here:

and updated my xorg.conf with this:

  Option      "BlankTime" "0"
  Option      "Standby" "0"
  Option      "Suspend" "0"
  Option      "OffTime" "0"

Unfortunately, this is not doing the trick - it is still in a
screen-blanked state when I return to it later.  (Yes, I restarted X,
but good idea.)

Does anyone know where else this might be set?  (Debian testing is the
distro.)  Thanks.



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