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2009/7/28 Darryl Moore <darryl-90a536wCiRb3fQ9qLvQP4Q at>:
> Given that the purpose of a domain name is as a medium to communicate to
> the public, does the public not have some right right to know who it is
> they are communicating with?

Personally I'm happy to tell you who I am and give you my email
address on my website.  But I'm less than enthusiastic about having
random people on the internet being able to walk up to my front door.
Thus the P.O. Box I own - not that it does a great deal of good when
they can do a reverse look-up on the phone number.  You may have
noticed that there are some strange people on the internet and a
website that publicly declares your house address is, in my opinion,
less than ideal.

Hmm, maybe I should drop the .com and .org domains ...  Not likely.  I
don't really feel like paying for mail and phone forwarding services,
which increase the cost of domain ownership substantially.

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