root partition move

Rajinder Yadav at
Sun Jul 26 21:42:41 UTC 2009

A while back I saved my linux partition using a rescue disk along with
I recently did a restore of the system without any issues just to
verify the process, because I like to tinker with stuff =)

I am wondering though, would it be possible to move the root partition
to another partition during the restore? What would be required to
tell the kernel to use say /dev/sdb2 instead of /dev/sdb8 to mount
root? a simple change to /etc/fstab?

Would the partition move break any other programs from running, or
linkage i.e. /etc/ or is stuff in here pretty self
contained to the file structure layout irrelevant to what partition
it's mounted on?  I would think is the case.

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Rajinder Yadav
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