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> Zbigniew Koziol wrote:
>> Someone is going to hang me for changing the subject not in the  
>> right way... But I forgot how was that the right way...
>> You think I remember your name? Please be forgiving, my dear friend.
>> I do remember situations, not names or faces. It was.. when? Quite  
>> a few years ago. Perhaps four? Or five? You were the one who left  
>> me motherboard? We met perhaps on Jarvis? Please confirm.
>> I know, it sounds not very realistic - but.. anyone who wants to  
>> visit me in Russia - please come. You pay travel tickets and akll  
>> the rest is my problem. Even though my present salary at university  
>> is around 300 CAD monthly.
>> That motherboard helped me to survive. Did you know? It helped me  
>> to survive. I still have it! I use now another computer, also very  
>> cheap though powerful.
>> Did you all know that I, with PhD in Physics from Netherlands, and  
>> a postdoc at Dalhousie had to live on streets of Toronto? And doing  
>> very dirty jobs for very low money just to survive? I never ever  
>> was able to get a decent life opportunities in Canada. For 14 years  
>> of living in Canada. Why a shit I had to go to Russia for living  
>> after I lost my job? Do you think this is normal? Ask there  
>> yourself. Ask yourself also why so many educated people are on  
>> streets and doing poor and hard jobs barely able to survive.
>> I was on streets of Toronto in summer 1998. I will never ever  
>> forget that.
>> zb.
> Well sorry too for the thread change.
> Wow that is awful. I'm sorry to here things did not work out. You  
> seem very intelligent individual however language barriers sometimes  
> can really taint a persons perspective. I'm quite sure you didn't  
> mean to start what happen but what's done is done. I wasn't offended  
> but hey I'm white with lot's of first nation blood in me. I was  
> confused mind you.
> As a Canadian citizen I am quite appalled by how some skilled  
> immigrants are treated. There was a time where he high commission  
> would tell anyone anything. How often do we hear of the taxi driver  
> that is a Doctors  etc. I bet you were told there were lots of job  
> too?
> BTW I was the one that brought you parts to where you were working.
> Take care and hope things turn for the better for you.
> John
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The Doctor driving a taxi isn't the worst of it either. My girlfriend  
(Chinese /w degree in Accounting and masters in Business) attended  
several interviews where she went through series of tests and then was  
told "you did well, but if you want a job pay us $X to "train" you and  
then you can work from home online, or take another test and work here  
(yeah right). The worst was a LAWYER who offered her $30/day for 4h of  
bookkeeping (below minimum wage) after grilling her with questions  
about her Canadian status, family/relationship, etc

We would like to think that our country is fair and equitable and that  
there was some organization to address these concerns, but I found  
nothing. Sure, you can get a pass into the country as a skilled  
worker, but then can't find a job in your market without taking min  
wage or worse. It's bad fir immigrants, and bad for locals as it  
drives overall wages down as *somebody* is willing to take that cut  
just to pay the bills, and many don't know the laws on such things
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