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Sat Jul 25 00:37:18 UTC 2009

Zbigniew Koziol wrote:
> Someone is going to hang me for changing the subject not in the right 
> way... But I forgot how was that the right way...
> You think I remember your name? Please be forgiving, my dear friend.
> I do remember situations, not names or faces. It was.. when? Quite a 
> few years ago. Perhaps four? Or five? You were the one who left me 
> motherboard? We met perhaps on Jarvis? Please confirm.
> I know, it sounds not very realistic - but.. anyone who wants to visit 
> me in Russia - please come. You pay travel tickets and akll the rest 
> is my problem. Even though my present salary at university is around 
> 300 CAD monthly.
> That motherboard helped me to survive. Did you know? It helped me to 
> survive. I still have it! I use now another computer, also very cheap 
> though powerful.
> Did you all know that I, with PhD in Physics from Netherlands, and a 
> postdoc at Dalhousie had to live on streets of Toronto? And doing very 
> dirty jobs for very low money just to survive? I never ever was able 
> to get a decent life opportunities in Canada. For 14 years of living 
> in Canada. Why a shit I had to go to Russia for living after I lost my 
> job? Do you think this is normal? Ask there yourself. Ask yourself 
> also why so many educated people are on streets and doing poor and 
> hard jobs barely able to survive.
> I was on streets of Toronto in summer 1998. I will never ever forget 
> that.
> zb.
Well sorry too for the thread change.

Wow that is awful. I'm sorry to here things did not work out. You seem 
very intelligent individual however language barriers sometimes can 
really taint a persons perspective. I'm quite sure you didn't mean to 
start what happen but what's done is done. I wasn't offended but hey I'm 
white with lot's of first nation blood in me. I was confused mind you.

As a Canadian citizen I am quite appalled by how some skilled immigrants 
are treated. There was a time where he high commission would tell anyone 
anything. How often do we hear of the taxi driver that is a Doctors  
etc. I bet you were told there were lots of job too?

BTW I was the one that brought you parts to where you were working.

Take care and hope things turn for the better for you.


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