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On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 01:49:10AM -0400, Tim Middleton wrote:
> I discovered Jonathan Coulton on "the sixtyone" some weeks ago. If anyone's 
> interested in supporting his geekiness you can do it there either by giving 
> him "hearts" (which makes his songs rise in the ranks to get more exposure) or 
> with tips (ie. actual money).
> I particularly like the song "Re: your brains". I like "Code Monkey" too, 
> though it's shamelessly packed with horrendous techie/programmer cliches. I 
> think the most interesting thing about it was his decision to write the lyrics 
> in a sort of "cave man"/primitive/tarzan-like dialect... i think that subtle 
> element says more than the actual song does... and it works... (i think)... 
> conveys the feeling I think a lot of us techies have of not being able to 
> communicate properly to "normal" people... or should I say rather that 
> "normal" people can't seem to understand understand our sensible explanations 
> for things and think we're barely speaking english half the time when we do 
> talk to them... so they view us as sort of primitive proto-humans who mostly 
> just talk to/like machines. Or perhaps that's just me. <-: 
> He has quite a few songs posted there. Most of them are downloadable with a 
> creative commons license.... which is pretty cool (you must admit).

You can also buy them directly from him here:

Lots of formats (including flac) available.  I personally just have a
couple of CDs bought at a concert.

> It's a pretty interesting site in general. They've tried to create a site 
> where independent musicians can post/share/sell their music, and engage users 
> in various ways.
> The most interesting part (to me) is how they've made a (optional) quasi-
> adventure game for users to encourage exploring new music... if you explore 
> the interface. If you start to explore, it quickly gets addictive... it's 
> quite clever how they've done that.
> Shameless plug: If you check it out and feel like signing up for an account 
> (so you can give Jonathan some love) feel free to use my referral URL below... 
> (-: I don't get anything from it except a few "reputation points" ... which 
> are worthless, but fun to collect (as part of the game-like system the site 
> incorporates). You'd be helping me complete the "Evangelist" quest! Wheee.

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