Anyone observed content change through Rogers?

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Tue Jul 21 17:49:41 UTC 2009

> This does appear to be due to a new policy at the BBC. From
> <>:
> "The BBC puts advertising on its website for users outside the UK. We use
> the income to help fund BBC services and keep the licence fee, (paid by UK
> households), lower than it otherwise would be."
> The above-mentioned page also contains information on how to contact them
> if you're "experiencing an issue with video advertising" or see
> "inappropriate advertising" on their site.

Yeah, I did come to agree this had nothing to do with Rogers. As Madi had
suggested, I checked  the page source and was reasonably certain BBC was the
issue here.  The funny part is, they do not seem to apply it across  board
as I can still see the classic site from office with the same firefox
profile I use at home.

> While I understand their reasoning in theory, I'm not at all convinced that
> this is a good idea in practice. From a world perspective, BBC News isn't
> just any news service; since the halcyon days of shortwave radio it's also
> effectively been a part of the UK's foreign relations, a way of promoting
> Britain and the "British way" abroad for relatively little cost compared to
> the dividends in worldwide respect and goodwill. Seen this way, it might
> have made more sense to keep the BBC News site free of advertising for the
> same reason the BBC World Service (as far as I know) never carried
> advertising: advertisements can blunt the impact of the actual content, and
> have the potential to reduce the worldwide impression of the BBC's quality
> and impartiality.
Sadly, that is very true.  Have not been at their site since that day. Just
found it too repugnant - may be they had entrenched too much expectation on
them. Anyway, may finally register for washington post access,  another site
I stopped visiting couple of years back after they enforced registration.

> Of course, no one asked me.

Agree.... thanks a lot

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