OT - bb curve 8330 a 3g phone?

Jamon Camisso jamon.camisso-H217xnMUJC0sA/PxXw9srA at public.gmane.org
Fri Jul 17 02:09:08 UTC 2009

William Muriithi wrote:
> Hi pals,
> I have noticed a bell advertisement that has left me a little lost. 
> Basically, they were comparing two offers and from the listed features, 
> I was left with the impression that Bell do have a 3G network. This 
> confusion could be a result of two things, either I have no idea of what 
> 3G is or Bell may be misleading consumers here.
> I have googled on the specification of above phone and it does seem they 
> market it as 3G because of EV-DO. That apparently is similar to HSDPA, 
> but its through put is so low I would not have considered it 3G before 
> seeing this advertisement. In fact, until today, I was under the 
> assumption 3G is exclusive to GSM. So the question is, what qualify a 
> service to be 3G?  Frequency used? Bandwidth?
> Last, I read a while ago that the none GSM carriers were evaluating on 
> whether to change their technology from CDMA to GSM. This was apparently 
> driven by CDMA lack of support from phone manufactures. Apparently, all 
> the fun phones are all GSM or initially GSM, tipping the market in 
> favour of Rogers. What was the decision of their management?

Here's a good explanation:

Also, cmda might be a better technology in terms of throughput for evdo, 
or efficiency of channel usage, but Nokia announced in 2006 that they 
were scaling back cdma phones to all but the North American market, and 
then only using branded handsets (e.g. not make their own cmda phones, 
only slap their logo on them). If Nokia, arguably? the world's largest 
mobile manufacturer drops a technology, that says something to me.

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