best kitten entertainment program for Linux?

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> I have an amusing request for TLUGgers. My new kitten regards the mouse
> cursor (har-de-har-har) on my Linux box as something worth chasing.
> Although this is irritating while attempting to get some work done, I
> find it extremely entertaining when not.
> I wonder if there is a program that would randomly move the mouse cursor
> around so the cat can be entertained when I am not at the computer?
> For those who are about to suggest it, yes, I did try oneko (har har
> again) but Neko stops moving when the mouse cursor stops moving. I also
> tried the Fedora Bubbles screensaver but the bubbles aren't sharp enough
> for the kitten to follow.
> - Julian


    It is unpredictable what cats will like.  Neither of my cats are interested in the computer screen.  One of them sits on the keyboard while I am trying to type.  The other one knocks stuffs off the shelf behind me to attract attention.  

    Cat toys are popular for a while, then the cats grow tired of them and start playing with something else.  This is sort of like me with video games.  You could always find a video game that you find fascinating.  FlightGear?  Arena?  It will be your cat's duty to interrupt you.

    What moves your cursor around when you are not trying to get work done?

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