best kitten entertainment program for Linux?

Julian C. Dunn lists-JN5fZfbfKAtWk0Htik3J/w at
Tue Jul 14 01:10:22 UTC 2009

I have an amusing request for TLUGgers. My new kitten regards the mouse
cursor (har-de-har-har) on my Linux box as something worth chasing.
Although this is irritating while attempting to get some work done, I
find it extremely entertaining when not.

I wonder if there is a program that would randomly move the mouse cursor
around so the cat can be entertained when I am not at the computer?

For those who are about to suggest it, yes, I did try oneko (har har
again) but Neko stops moving when the mouse cursor stops moving. I also
tried the Fedora Bubbles screensaver but the bubbles aren't sharp enough
for the kitten to follow.

- Julian

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