bypassing DPI/throttling (was: Re:Acanac...?)

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Sat Jul 11 02:52:25 UTC 2009

Madison wrote: 
> Our case is a bit different, as a good percentage of our users are on 
> Linux or some variation of Unix. We need to find an OS-independent 
> solution. I think the big boss has been playing with some stuff, but 
> I've been too jammed up on another project to really look 
> into it close 
> myself.
Well, the two known (MLPPP and SSH) and the one suspected (MPPE) solutions are all OS/CPE-independent.
In fact, the SSH tunnel is even easier on Linux/openssh, it's something ridicuously simple similar to this (untested):
ssh -N -D 8888 user at host

We haven't posted the instructions for ours yet, but I suspect the above will give you the Linux equivalent of our custom putty for Windows.

> It's madness that we have to deal with this at all, truth be told. 
> Bloody useless CRTC. If Bell really gave a damn they'd invest 
> the money 
> they've spent on this gambit in upgrading their infrastructure.
Indeed, but it's nothing new though, we've seen it before, and these issues have been going on for over 10 years with Bell.

There has been lots of activity on the regulatory front lately, affecting DSL. There are several separate issues before the CRTC now, including GAS UBB tariff, GAS throttling R&V, LA&S changes, the mis-named ITMP review, and a few others. It's becoming hard to keep up. Bell's throwing everything they've got at ISPs and it's not exactly a pleasant situation right now.

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