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Fri Jul 10 22:11:42 UTC 2009

Peter wrote:
> Michael Lauzon <mlauzon at ...> writes:
>> Has anyone heard of Acanac (  They claim that:
> Yes, but, more importantly, is anyone running acanac on a *dry* dsl line ?
> Because that's what I need and I am pretty sure the people I talked to have no
> idea what they are talking about. I will eventually go there (acanac store) and
> try to sort it out but a posting here is worth a thousand paces (literally).
> tia,
>   Peter

I don't know about, but we (small local ISP who resell's 
Bell's DSL) have looked at ways to get around their bandwidth capping 
with minimal success. They seem to throttle what they don't like at 
their central concentrator(s) before we get it. If Acanac has found a 
way around this, power to them!

On the question of Dry loop...

There seems to be some confusion on this term. As *I* understand it, a 
"Dry Loop" is a phone line with no voltage and a "Wet Loop" is a line 
with voltage but no dial tone. Bell refers to lines /with/ voltage as 
Dry Loops though, so I guess the terms are muddy now.

On the good side, Fiber is getting cheaper...

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