Google Plans a PC Operating System

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> > To about 90% of the population, it is a new OS so why dismiss it?
> > With Google's market reach and PR, this is a very positive
> > development.
>   i disagree, since that article makes no admission whatsoever that
> their "new" OS is simply a repackaged linux.  while, *technically*,
> they have the right to do that, *ethically*, i think it sucks.
> they're announcing this exciting new development without giving credit
> to all of the linux developers who made it possible.  i find that
> incredibly sleazy.  but that's just me.


I agree with the sleaziness of the /article/ for the reason you state,
but it's the New York Times journalists who are at fault, not Google.
The first link of the article refers to Google's actual announcement
[1], which mentions that: 

"The software architecture is simple — Google Chrome running within a
new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel."

I'm sure their OS also contains all the GNU utilities and they should
probably give credit to those guys too. 

I agree with Jamon, though. I'd be very worried about privacy.. in
particular, I'd worry that the whole OS is a mechanism to collect more
private data from unaware users. I've managed to avoid gmail all this
time for these reasons. I wouldn't touch Chrome OS with a ten-foot
pole. Let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if the OS uploaded process
usage data to Big Brother. 



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