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Abidel Bassie-Cripps wrote:
> Don't forget Domains At Cost! That is where I had my .ca. The only
> problem is .ca is a pain to deal with

That "pain to deal with" is a consequence of .ca being one of the most
secure and trusted top level domains. CIRA is widely regarded as being
one of the most transparent, best-run registries on the planet. Its
requirement of accurate WHOIS information and its strict procedures for
ownership transfers serve to protect both domain owners and the
Internet-using public. Domain kiting and bad-faith use, commonplace in
the wild-west world that is .com, .org and .net, are very uncommon in
.ca, which also preserves what IMO is a reasonable balance between WHOIS
privacy and accountability.

For what it's worth, I've been maintaining my own domains through Tucows
for more than a decade and find their service quite nice (and extremely
I've also used, which  is also good if you don't need
much support.

> I'm now using a free domain name.
Given that every registration requires a payment to ICANN and the
appropriate registry, there is no such thing as a "free" domain. You're
paying for it somewhere, often as part of a bundle that includes hosting.

I personally consider combo  hosting/domain deals to generally be a Very
Bad Idea. Be sure to check the details; in some of these packages you
don't even own "your" domain and are locked into the hosting service if
you want to keep using it. In many cases, transferring a domain to a
different registrar is deliberately made very difficult. I personally
think it is far better to keep your hosting and domain registration as
completely separate transactions, preferably with different vendors. It
may be more hassle but you know exactly what you have.

Evan Leibovitch
Chair, ICANN North American Region At-Large Organization

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