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Wed Jul 8 03:58:26 UTC 2009

On 07/07/09 11:01 PM, Thomas Milne wrote:
> I'm looking at some Canadian domain name registrars, I see NamesPro,
> Webnames,, etc. Any nightmares to avoid or positive
> references?
> Thanks!

This is our captive domain registration site:
<>. If you have only a handful of
domains, how nice the control panel is probably doesn't matter very
much. If you have more than a few, it matters. Being able to make global
changes or make changes to some subset of the whole is important and our
control panel makes it easy to do both. Moreover, day or night, you'll
get competent telephone support from someone in the U.S. usually within
a few minutes. You can register there and host elsewhere, if you wish.
There is no obligation to host with us. For more complex hosting, such
as for Django, Plone, Ruby on Rails, or various Java application
servers, we tell our clients to talk to us first because we have better
options than the ones offered on that site.

Clifford Ilkay
1419-3266 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
Canada  M4N 3P6

+1 416-410-3326
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