Semi OT: communication between telco networks

Erik (Caneris) erik_list-etARiVBfTZtBDgjK7y7TUQ at
Thu Jul 2 20:19:26 UTC 2009

Tyler Aviss wrote:
> It makes me worry somewhat for the future though. As we end up with
> phone numbers strewn all over the places, and
> dozens/hundreds/thousands of VOIP carriers picking up various phone
> blocks, things will likely get rather confusion.
Very few of these "dozens/hundreds/thousands of VOIP" "carriers" are in fact "carriers" or LECs. 

> Who's in charge of keeping track of what number belongs to a certain
> carrier? Previously, it used to be that you could tell by the first 7
> digits, but with number portability you can't even tell what's a cell
> or not anymore.
NPAC. You can't tell by the NPA-NXX anymore, but those of us who can query LRNs can :)

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