Semi OT: communication between telco networks

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Wed Jul 1 00:27:34 UTC 2009

Not Linux related, but interesting in a technical sense.

I've often heard of ISPs coming to an impasse with pairing agreements,  
and ceasing to route traffic for each other (resulting in "dead zones"  
if IPs the clients can't connect to).

Has anyone ever heard of routing issues with phones. President's  
choice (and many others) use Bell for calls. My Pc card gives a "this  
call cannot be completed as dialled" when calling a 778-890-xxxx (Fido/ 
Prince George) area phone. I talk to an operator, and from her  
landline she gets the same message.

I *know* the number is correct, one is my GF's (calling her while in  
Toronto to finish my house sale, I moved) and one if mine.

This isn't (a least not yet) a complaint about Bell/Fido/PC, but  
rather a question of whether such things can or often do happen in  
phone-land. Maybe they use VOIP and it doesn't recognize that  
extension, or some other weirdness?

Anyone know a company that uses Telus/Rogers/other for phone cards, or  
someone other than PC that has a cheapie $5 Bell-network card for  

PC is supposed to email me when the learned more. Ironically, they  
likely can't call my cell if their operators have the same issues  
calling 777 :-)

(sent from my phone, so please excuse the typos)
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