Anyone job-seeking for a sysadmin position?

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Thu Jul 31 18:37:46 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 1:45 PM, Tyler Aviss <tjaviss-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at> wrote:
> The greatest ones though, are requirements that want you to have
> impossible experience or skill levels. I remember seeing a bunch of
> job ads that specifically asked for 3-4 years of .NET experience when
> .NET had only been around for about 1-2 years (and discounted previous
> experience in the actual languages such as VB, VC++, etc). Of course
> the flip-side to this is when somebody claims more experience than is
> possible as well, though there are some fringe cases (those that were
> part of the public Beta before software was actually released, etc).

My favorite one was back in 1989, seeing solicitations for programmers
with 2 years experience with NeXTstep.  This was only shortly after
announcement of the release of the first cubes.  The platform hadn't
been available for 6 months; how could someone have 2 years experience
with it?  And it had a very well known (at the time) set of publicity
surrounding its release; it would take a very particular sort fo
ignorance to simultaneously:
a) Be aware of it in the first place, but
b) Not be aware that it had only existed a few months.
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