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Thu Jul 31 18:09:00 UTC 2008

> Lennart Sorensen wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 11:43:01AM -0400, Madison Kelly wrote:
>>> I've used Thinkpads for ten years and change now (first was a 486!) 
>>> and every one of them ran Linux with minimal fuss. My current one is 
>>> a T40, and one of my main client's is a T43p which also worked with 
>>> minimal fuss.
>>> I was worried about Lenovo taking them over and I expected to see a 
>>> drastic drop in quality to meet price demands, but so far it's not 
>>> seemed so bad. So ya, vote #2 for a Thinkpad. They're worth the extra 
>>> money.
>> The only thinkpad that ever gave trouble for linux with me, was one with
>> an ATI video chip.  That think was imposible to get to work right.
> My ThinkPad A21p ran Linux fine for years. The ATI Rage 128 supported 
> with no fuss whatsoever. I was running Linux on a ThinkPad T30 until a 
> few days ago (sold the machine) and everything but restoration of sound 
> after waking up from hibernation worked. I might have gotten that to 
> work as well, if I cared enough. I swear by ThinkPads. They're reliable. 
> Great keyboards. The shift to Lenovo is a non-event because they were 
> always made by Lenovo even when they had the IBM logo on them.

I've had a ThinkPad R31 for about 6 years.  It works well with Linux.
BTW, my ThinkPad was made in the Philippines, so I don't know if it was 
made by Lenovo.  Also, when made for IBM, they had to meet IBMs specs, 
whereas they may not have to now.

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