Anyone job-seeking for a sysadmin position?

James Knott james.knott-bJEeYj9oJeDQT0dZR+AlfA at
Thu Jul 31 17:31:30 UTC 2008

Tyler Aviss wrote:
> Strange, my experiences with recruiters have been rather muddy. Mind
> you, initially I was applying from BC (and a few recruiters would just
> drop me like a hot rock even if I was qualified), but I ran into many
> who had very little understanding of the position or requirements.
> I've actually had to explain to recruiters why I *wasn't* qualified
> for a given job that they were pushing me for... and things such as
> explaining why my understanding of JavaScript wasn't going to much
> help me in a Java job.
> I've also had most recruiters say to *never* ask about compensation
> (pay, holidays, bonuses) etc during the initial interview... but it
> seems to me that since those topics are pretty much a deal-breaker for
> most people, not mentioning them could just end up wasting both my and
> the interviewer's time.
> That being said, I've run into a few knowlegable recruiting companies
> every so often too. I usually try to let them know how much I
> appreciate talking to somebody who understands the position they're
> hiring for, and mention that to the employer as well if I happen to
> interview with them. There must be an awful lot of companies wasting
> good money on bad recruiters around there though, IMHO.

What's really fun are recruiters who are looking for an exact match, 
rather than equivalent experience.  Many years ago, they wanted someone 
with, among other things, experience with Norton Ghost.  I had Drive 
Image experience, but the wasn't good enough, even though the skills 
were virtually identical.  In a later position, I was working with Ghost 
and had absolutely no problems and very little learning curve with it. 
On another occasion, I got a call from a recruiter, looking for someone 
with experience with a certain package.  I had never even heard of that 
package, but it had the same name as a company I had worked for.  It was 
obvious that the recruiter hadn't even bothered to read my resume and he 
was calling me simply because of a word search match!

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