ISP Recommendation? (was "Rogers Breaks DNS")

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Sun Jul 20 15:40:00 UTC 2008

| From: Tyler Aviss <tjaviss-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at>

| Teksavvy's service is great. But they do share Bell's lines in
| many/most places. Bell sucks, and their service as a customer of a 3rd
| party is even more suckish.


| You might want to check into what the status is of DSL in whatever
| neighborhood you're moving too. In mine the service sucks, not because
| of Teksavvy (which has smart staff, quick answers, and overall good
| service thus far), but because of Bell's overextended line-runs from
| the CO can leave you with some suckish speeds that your actual ISP
| cannot remedy.


My line to the CO (Central Office) was long and nasty so I had
marginal ADSL service for years.  My ADSL service is through
But they use Bell lines.  I'm in the Toronto, not the countryside.

Bell recently upgraded my line, probably with a remote, but I got no
notice.  Until an encrypted-by-marketing Sympatico ad for ADSL2+
arrived.  Somehow, even my modem profile got updated.

I never noticed the upgrade since I don't actually use the ADSL much.

My guess is that many people's ADSL will be upgraded in the next year
or so.  Without notice.  And sales staff won't know.  Perhaps a
question that might tell you the answer is to ask Sympatico if you can
get ADSL2 -- they call it "Total Internet Max".
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