Hooking up a SATA drive to a PATA motherboard

Paul King sciguy-Ja3L+HSX0kI at public.gmane.org
Mon Jul 14 02:43:53 UTC 2008


I recently purchased a PCI adapter card to hook up a recent 1TB SATA
drive I purchased. I have a motherboard which is an ASUS A7 running an
AMD Athlon processor.

Problem is that adding the card means that all my PCI ports will be
taken. It seems to matter, since adding the card makes the computer
freeze on detection of the SATA card.

Another potential cause of conflict is that I already had a PATA IDE
raid card. I was wondering if getting one of those SATA adapters
(converts a PATA to SATA port) was OK to put on to the RAID card. I
already have one SATA power hookup attached to the power supply.

Anyone got SATA to work on hardware that old?

Paul King

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