Looking for dialup hardware solution

Merv Curley mervc-MwcKTmeKVNQ at public.gmane.org
Sun Jul 13 16:03:43 UTC 2008

On Saturday 12 July 2008 21:47, Walter Dnes wrote:
>   One embarressing "oops"; I didn't order a built-in PCI modem card for
> a Dell.  Apparently, them thar new-fangled machines don't got no serial
> port.  So much for my faithfull USR X2 external modem.  I suppose I'm
> looking at getting a PCI card retail.  Or are there any other dialup
> solutions.  I use dialup as emergency backup.  It's really nice to have
> when I need it.
>   Are there any other dialup options in the brave new world of
> computing?  I have 1 free PCI slot in the machine.

Several years ago I purchased a 2 port PCI card when I needed 2 additional  
serial ports.
Made by StarTech, a model PCI2S550, [ I think ].  A bit more expensive than 
USB adaptors but DB9 connectors and good performance. Probably others around.


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