google weighs in on bell throttling

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Tue Jul 8 18:23:02 UTC 2008

JoeHill wrote:
> Dave Cramer wrote: 
> This bit raised my eyebrows:
> Rogers, which also slows peer-to-peer applications, disputed claims by CAIP
> that such throttling affects services such as voice over internet protocol
> (VoIP) and virtual private networks (VPN).
> "This equipment, therefore, does not impact any other traffic such as VoIP, VPN
> and other online streaming applications because their signatures are
> different," wrote Ken Engelhart, senior vice-president of regulatory affairs
> for Rogers. "There is therefore no reason why VPN or other encrypted traffic
> would be affected."
> Anyone on Rogers network care to comment on this?

When I work from home, I use VPN and get fine performance.

I suspect that the upload bandwidth I have is fine for a single VPN 
connection, plus more.

Where peer-to-peer would slow down is if many people try to download 
from one peer. They would quickly reach the peer's upload capacity, and 
then notice slow downs as more people start downloading from that same peer.

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