Bell Sympatico offered me fast service

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Tue Jul 8 17:22:51 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 03, 2008 at 06:17:30PM -0400, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> I got a form letter from Bell that starts:
> 	Great news.  Our new, next generation fibre optic Internet
> 	service is now availaible in your neighbourhood.
> Since ADSL in my house has been crappy and slow, I just phoned them to
> figure out what they meant by this.
> First they told me that they have fibre optic.  I asked where?  To my
> demarc, they said.  Clearly this isn't true because they haven't been in
> my basement.
> I played 20 questions with Nasar on the phone, ignoring obvious
> mis-statements.
> - maybe there is fibre to a location closer than the Central Office
>   was (the CO was about 5km, if I remember correctly, explaining
>   my crappy service)
> - he told me that I could have 16000kb service (down, of course; 1mb
>   up).  That is perhaps 10x what I have now (from another ADSL
>   provider).  He agreed that it was 10 times what I would have had in
>   the past.
> - he said that distance to the new CO-or-whatever was a secret and
>   would not tell me
> - I asked about the modem (wondering if they have some new
>   technology).  He said yes, but was really only talking about
>   features like being a router and switch on top of being a modem.
>   When pressed, he said it was same old ADSL.  2wire brand.

Sounds like ADSL2 service.

> Does anyone know what this is about?  Have Bell likely installed a
> "remote" to cut the length of the copper run?  Or something else?  Or,
> nothing (just an ad)?
> Oh, and what is "next generation" about this?

Again probably ADSL2.  ADSL only goes to 8Mbit max and simply can't do

Personally I don't want sympatico service no matter what speed they

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