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Robert Brockway robert-5LEc/6Zm6xCUd8a0hrldnti2O/JbrIOy at public.gmane.org
Wed Dec 31 03:59:44 UTC 2008

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008, teddymills wrote:

> I went to the PBS website and tried to view the online videos.
> However I got the message below.
> How the heck do they know I am in Canada?

Accurate records mapping IP address space to country/city have been 
available for some time.

> What are some ways to bypass this?

An anonymous proxy is an option and will generally work. It is worth 
noting that hulu.com figured out a way around this some time back as a 
result of the flash transmission occuring directly (not via the proxy). A 
VPN terminated in the US is now needed to access hulu.com.

I can't say whether a proxy would be sufficient to access PBS or whether a 
VPN would be needed.


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