Teacher tells students Linux is “illegal” and confiscates their copies

Peter plpeter2006-/E1597aS9LQAvxtiuMwx3w at public.gmane.org
Sat Dec 20 00:05:10 UTC 2008

That teacher should be made to live by his own "law". Since he only accepts
Windows computers, one should disable and secure, for compliance, his cell
phones, cable boxes, internet routers, tvs, quartz wristwatches and wall
watches, the alarm system in his car, the ECU in his car, the digital radio in
his car, and, most important, the house heating controller which, no doubt, does
not run Windows, together with all his children's electronic toys, such as
Nintendo, PS3 etc etc. After that the "Windows compliance crew" should leave the
house under guard, to ensure compliance is maintained for as long as it takes
for the moron to beg.


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