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> Stephen wrote: 
> > JoeHill wrote:
> > > Thinking about a digital camera for Christmas, I'm thinking pretty basic,
> > > but it should produce video as well, say 480 res. I'm hoping to find a
> > > device that doesn't require any special software to interface with my
> > > computer, would be nice if it just showed up as a removable media.
> > >
> > > Anyone have any experiences in this area?
> > >     
> > Just get one that writes to Compact Flash or any other removable media 
> > that has a reader with a USB interface.
> > 
> > You should never connect a camera directly to a computer. (Unless you 
> > are doing wireless while you shoot, of course).
> Are the video formats used by most cameras compatible with Linux, then?


   You will have to survey us and find out what video format most people's cameras use.

   My Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 writes AVI files, and Fedora Core 6+ reads them.  I don't know about earlier versions of Fedora.

   I bought a 4Mb SDHC card for my camera, and my USB devices would not read it.  My computer mounted and read my camera just fine.  I now have a SanDisk Imagemate that explicitly supports SDHC, and my SDHC card works fine.  

   gPhoto is no longer installed with Fedora Core, so there is actually no support for any camera, unless you are willing to install from source.

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