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Wed Dec 17 18:19:57 UTC 2008

Phillip Mills wrote:
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>> Wow, the wiki was already vandalized AND fixed.
> "Tax dollars at work!"
> OrgName:    Toronto Public Library OrgID:      TPL-7
> Address:    Systems Division, 281 Front Street
> City:       Toronto
> StateProv:  Ontario
> PostalCode: M5A 4L2
> Country:    CA
> NetRange: -

Seems our friend is back with vengeance, lol. He apparently felt is 
message wasn't received well enough, so he decided to vandalize (almost) 
every page of the wiki... This time he did it from home, it would seem.


I've decided to install reCAPTCHA for anonymous edits... I am loathe to 
force registration. Anyone else have any ideas for keeping the wiki open 
as possible while dealing with such distinguished editors as our friend 

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