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Marc Lanctot lanctot-yfeSBMgouQgsA/PxXw9srA at
Tue Dec 16 20:30:23 UTC 2008

Madison Kelly wrote:

> Thanks for joining! I see someone else has, too. :) Hopefully this will 
> develop into a useful resource!
> The Rosetta Code project indeed looks similar, but as you mentioned, 
> it's focus is a bit different. It may be a great source for this project 
> (if the source allows it).
> The main difference is that CtC is meant to explain "How to do X using Y 
> as a frame of reference". Rosetta seems to be more "Here is problem X, 
> and here is hows it's solved in all these languages".
> Very useful, certainly, but an important difference in focus.

This partly nullifies my previous post. :(

Sorry for not reading it first.

I still think it's better to look up what you're trying to do first, and 
maybe rather than list how to do it in all languages, you could have the 
option to choose your source language and target language, and see how 
it's done side-by-side along with user-contributed notes specific to the 
selection of source+target languages.


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