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Marc Lanctot lanctot-yfeSBMgouQgsA/PxXw9srA at
Tue Dec 16 20:22:35 UTC 2008

Madison Kelly wrote:

>   I decided to start a little project to see if it might go anywhere. 
> It's simple, just a(nother) wiki. I've called it 'Code to Code'. It's 
> hosted on an unused domain of mine. Should this get past go, I'll 
> register a proper domain. In the meantime:
>   I was wondering what it would take to interest folks here who are 
> comfortable in two languages help get the ball rolling?


Firstly: totally awesome idea. I would certainly use this if it was 
populated with examples. I would/will also help populate it with 
examples. I think this has a lot of potential and I urge you to go 
through with it.

A note about the UI or navigation: I think it would be better to have 
the algorithm/"thing" (let's call it a "coding concept" because in 
general these are simpler than full-blown algorithms) that I'm trying to 
implement as the first level choice and *then* see which source/target 
languages are available for it.

For example, suppose I want to find out how to implement a method 
override in a subclass via inheritance in C++, I know Python, and I know 
Java. It doesn't matter to me what my source language is as long as it 
exists for one of those two, so I can easily choose the source language 
without wading through all the other "source language" pages looking for 
the concept.

There's also the advantage that you can quickly assess whether or not 
the concept exists in your collection, and and even better advantage: 
you can put a pseudo-code version on the concept's profile.

Once the concept has a profile you could even add some comments to it. 
Like, for example, in the above case someone could add a very useful 
note: "Note that in Java all class methods are virtual so that methods 
in a subclass with the same signature are always overrides where in C++ 
this is not true unless the method is declared as a virtual. "

All in all excellent idea and I'm looking forward to helping you with 
it, but from a programmer's perspective I think this UI issue is critical.


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