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Phillip Mills wrote:
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>> PS - Generic feedback on the greatness/ridiculousness of this project 
>> are more than welcome. :)
> It seems like an interesting idea.  My first thought is about the "size 
> and shape" of the examples that might be useful to include.  Perhaps 
> things along the lines of the entries in the O'Reilly cookbook-style 
> publications?  (Or whatever other guideline you may have in mind.)
> I've recently had reason to use some of the Wikipedia entries for design 
> patterns and note that they have multi-language examples.  They aren't 
> equivalent code line-by-line, but often different implementations of the 
> same base principle.
> E.g.

That is certainly a good "guiding principle" using the cookbook style. 
Though, I think every pair of languages will have their own interesting 
challenges, so I do not want to impose any format restrictions at this 
point. I figure over time a particularly good format will emerge.

The only three rules I will enforce are:
* That no debate about language A being better than Language B.
* Any article only talks about the two languages in reference.
* No articles act as a learning guide for the source language.

To keep the scope of the project within reach, I want to keep a somewhat 
narrow focus on the technical differences between two languages. :)

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