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What is your experience in physics ?

have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RuBee


On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 3:55 PM, Zbigniew Koziol <softquake-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at public.gmane.org>wrote:

> Please forgive privacy.
> November was so "nice" that most since 26 years lost jobs in Canada. Me
> between them. I was enjoying my work and was proud of what I did there. The
> boss however run out of money, while not able to sell the product on which
> mostly I myself was working for almost 3 years.
> I would be happy to get either full time job or got involved in a part-time
> project, or a something that could be done over the internet.
> My main experience is around (except of physics, which is rather out of
> possible interest here) in such fields as web server programming, in general
> web development, and also systems design and administration.
> Keywords: PHP, PostgreSQL, Perl, AJAX, XML/XMLST, Java, Apache, Tomcat,
> Postfix
> Will of course send a more detailed resume if any one wishes to receive it.
> Thanks.
> zb.
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