function keys on the console in text

Mike Sillers mikesi-ft1kE4FQKTmJ6jDlghZswwC/G2K4zDHf at
Wed Dec 10 19:34:05 UTC 2008

I've just run into a new issues that I'm looking for ideas to resolve. It
seems when I connect to a Linux workstation using the secure shell, I can
use the function keys (specifically F1 to F4). If I am sitting at the
console, the function keys return A, B, C and D respectively. I'm trying to
set up an old computer as a workstation using ttylinux to connect to a UNIX
server. I think it is using a 2.4 kernel. I've tried other flavours and a
2.6 kernel and they seem to exhibit the same behaviour and GUI is not an
option here.


Does anyone have any ideas?





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