Seeking local source for thin-client IDE flash modules.

Scott Sullivan scott-lxSQFCZeNF4 at
Fri Dec 5 13:16:54 UTC 2008

Mike Kallies wrote:
> Scott Sullivan wrote:
>> I have a pair of HP t5000 thin clients I'm looking to put in to a stand
>> alone workstation use. Their both equipped with 44pin apacer ATA flash
>> modules [1]. The problem is the ones with the thin clients are 256mb and
>> 512mb in size. I was hoping to find a local supplier I could purchase
>> two of these in the 2-4 GB range so I could have more breathing room.
>> I know there are plenty of distros target at this level (DSL and puppy
>> linux), and I could also par down Fedora with the appropriate research
>> and a kickstart file.
>> Thanks,
> I was playing with an old IBM Thin Client a while back, I used a
> standard 2GB CompactFlash card.  Worked just fine, but I had some
> trouble making it bootable from a second system.  In the end, I had to
> temporarily connect a CDROM drive to the client in order to load the distro.
> The really nice thing about the thin client was that the CF card
> appeared like a proper HDD.  No custom kernel or anything required to boot.
Similar Deal with the thin clients I got, (a t5525 & t5710 to be 
specific), the apacer flash modules sport a 44 pin IDE interface much 
like you see in laptops, and the BIOS see them as generic hard drives. 
In theory I would be able to hook up a 2.5" notebook hd to them, but I'd 
need a cable as the pins are on the mobo and the header is on the module 
(reverse to a notebook hd).
I shouldn't have little issue getting another distro on them, but I'm 
looking to increase the available diskspace so I don't have to make as 
many compromises when selecting which on to use.

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