finding same files across hardrives

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Mon Dec 1 22:13:24 UTC 2008

On Mon, 01 Dec 2008 16:53:21 -0500, Jose wrote:

>> more, if there is any remote possibilities of the following cases, then
>> the method is not complete:
>> - Variation in file names. I used to make backups using distinct names,
>> e.g., file.ver1, file.ver2, etc. If you ever backup your files this
>> way, then finding duplications by names won't help much.
>> - Variation in content. Since backups are made over the times, any
>> slightly change in file content will break the MD5 check sum method
>> entirely.
>> if the above cases (remotely) apply to you, you still need something
>> that is more suitable for finding duplications, and it is much faster
>> than creating MD5 check sums.
> I tried both scripts (thanks guys), but it keeps breaking when it find
> paths with blanks, like /sdb1/backup/C folder/etc...
> Basedir breaks, I haven't been able to find a solution to this problem
> yet,

Does my above 2 cases apply to you? Are you just trying to find files 
with same name and same content? 


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